1st energy efficiency certificate issued by LATEA will be awarded on 7th of September

1st energy efficiency certificate will be received by STRABAG AG affiliate in Latvia in a special opening ceremony for automatic pellet logistic center for KRAFTOOL/FS Trans in Kundzinsala, the territory of Freeport of Riga  on 7th of September.  As informer earlier, there have been several innovative solutions in energy efficiency implemented in this project, such as the roof monitoring system for increasing the efficiency of heat insulation, the sandwich type panel system of latest generation, usage of photovoltaics in the office building and the object is self sufficient in terms of energy using special solution by the geothermal heat pumps. This object  is considerer to be one of the largest projects of such type in Northern/ Estern Europe.


The applications for the certificate in energy efficiency is reviewed by LATEA commission experts and it is available both for LATEA members and other companies.

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Energy efficiency certificate issued by LATEA goes to KRAFTOOL/ TFS Trans logistics center built by STRABAG

LATEA participates in the discussion on new EU energy and energy efficiency legislation

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