About us

The Latvian Energy Efficiency Association (LATEA) is a leading  business organization dealing in energy efficiency in Latvia. LATEA` s members are leading companies in its branch worldwide as well as the well known Latvian firms. LATEA certificates the companies in energy efficiency, initiates and executes projects related with energy efficiency and renewable energy, represents the interests in state institutions (Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Environment and Regional Development, Parliament), as well as offers energy business advisory.

The participation in LATEA provides an added value to its members business.



participates actively in public policy and legislation, acting as a social partner

increase our members and partners’ competitiveness, know-how and addresses specific issues of their competence

develop collaborative solutions based on our members and partners’ needs

initiate different projects, R&D activities and  new technology presentations

increase the visibility and transparency of the sector promotes positive industry image and executes public activitie

supports the fundamentals of EU ENERGY UNION

offers personally tailored energy advisory services


LATEA is managed by its board. The enquiries: maris@sproga.eu